Over the last ten years of our presence in the industry, we managed to keep the same, through-the-roof, level of passion for something once started as a harmless hobby, only to later become a pillar of our careers: web development. During this ongoing journey, we’ve met so many selfless individuals completely devoted to the mission of spreading knowledge, it’s hard not to feel inspired by them. This is why through today’s blog launch, we want to start contributing to the beautiful idea of accelerating the growth of the community of web developers.

What exactly can we offer you in exchange for your time? First, you have to get to know us a little better. USEO is a software development company located in the charming city center of Wroclaw, Poland. Our experience comes from many years of cooperation with clients from all around the world that we helped build fascinating projects. We value long-lasting friendly business relationships and don’t shy away from the challenges of different magnitudes. Trust, honesty and pleasant atmosphere at work are crucial for us.

Even though we’ve dipped our toes in multiple technologies, throughout history we stayed most loyal to Ruby on Rails. Loved by many startups around the world Ruby on Rails was and still is one of the fastest ways to build web applications, MVPs or even large, scalable and efficient production environments. Our area of expertise much exceeds the beloved technology thanks to our growing experience with ReactJS, Docker, Kubernetes or VueJS. The passionate team of developers at USEO stays up to date with all the hottest web development trends, so you can be sure that the lists of topics covered on our blog will only get broader. Our company is also open to collaborating on articles with external authors, so we can provide you an extra perspective on some of the things we may be missing.

Thanks to many years of our experience while working on various projects with teams around the world we’ve came across very fascinating problems which we had to solve. We are sure that we will be able to produce value not only on the technical level, but also in the area of soft and business related topics. You can bet on seeing some sweet career, time-management and project organisation tooling tips in the very near future. These and plenty other topics have been boiling in our heads for years and now we have a platform where we can finally share them with you.