USEO - We Code For Startups

What we believe in

Business is about people.


We play fair and rely on a long-term and trusted business relationship.

Innovation knows no borders.


Internet and new technologies allow top talented people and entrepreneurs to meet and work together despite different geographical location.

Your success is our success.


That is why we treat your project as our own startup

What people we worked with say about us

Who we are and what we do

We are big startup enthusiasts characterised with


We love the startup lifestyle. We know it is not always sunshine and rainbows but we believe there is much more to love about it than hate. We feel lucky to be a part of startups revolution. What we like the most is bringing amazing ideas to life.


We love creating projects from scratch watching how they evolve and grow as they become successful products.


We constantly increase our knowledge by solving problems we have not solved before. We learn technologies we have not used yet and always keep up to date with all the changes in our technology stack.


We learned a lot while working on multiple MVPs. Now, we use this experience to improve projects we are involved in and help you to avoid mistakes we made or witnessed.

Technology & tools

Some of the technologies and tools we use

We are specialized in Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Solidity, jQuery, Ember, Html, CSS, Slim, Sinatra, Git, Heroku, Amazon AWS, Docker & more!

What are our strenghts

We are a team - not an agency

Our whole team consist of 100% developers. We work together in the same office, share the knowledge and help each other every day. We invest in our team and train ourselves constantly.

Direct and fast communication

We believe that effective communication between all people engaged in a project: developers, users and product owners, has a big impact on the workflow and future success. It helps everyone to make better choices no matter what their role is and what they do in a project team. It increases speed of introducing necessary changes and at the end saves investors’ money.

We build the teams

We can build the team for your project. Even if you would like to start with only one developer – we can do it for you. Later you can add more developers or you can even extend your existing team with one of our team members.

Rich startup and MVPs experience

We have great startup and MVPs experience gathered over the years. This is something one cannot learn from the books. We know how important it is to share our know-how, experience and implement it in new projects.

Who we worked with

We have worked with companies all around the world

How we can work together

Build a product

You have an idea. You want to create your own product. We should get in touch!
We will help you plan, develop and launch your product or MVP. Using our skills and know-how we can create a web application, a mobile app or even both just the way you imagined.

Scale, maintain, expand

You already have your MVP or product ready but you want to make it better.
If you would like to add more features, optimise or scale it, we can help! Thanks to the agile approach, development process is lean and flexible so you have full control on every stage of development.

Build a team

We can build a new or extend your existing team with our developers to speed up and support development of your product.
One of us can join forces with your team to speed up development of your product or help you to keep the right tempo before your team grows.

Support and consultations

You want to take care of your project by yourself, however you have some questions. We will be glad to help!
We can share with you our knowledge and know-how related to building start-ups and MVPs.

You are not sure what you need? Let’s talk!

Some of the projects we have worked on

  • Caffio

    Involved in: web application / ios application. is a place where people can find great cafés for a meeting, to work from or simply with a good coffee. Users can rate places they visit and business owners can manage their profiles. Platform includes also......

  • Creatubbles

    Involved in: web application. Creatubbles™ is a fun and safe-for-all-ages creativity sharing app. Art, code, music, robotics, video, and more. If you make it, you can share it! Our work includes: code....


    Involved in: web application. is targeted to young professionals and helps to find a job in Switzerland. It also allows to manage applications by company owners. Professional.CH is a complete tool to promote job offers or companies as well as handling recruitment fully online.......

  • Yousty

    Involved in: web application / mobile application. Yousty is a platform for young people looking for first apprenticeship or a job. It helps to search for a dream job and gives lot’s of information about different kinds of professions. It is also a perfect recruitment......

We are closer than you think

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Do you need a consultation?

If you would like to discuss your idea, need a technical advice or you struggle with a business decision we can give you a completely free consultation. We have answers to many questions. Just let us know and we will schedule z call or we can meet for a coffee if you happen to be in Wroclaw.