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the useo way of work

think differently.

USEO is a hand-picked team of industry-leading developers. We are experienced problem solvers who love a good challenge, a creative project, and, last but not least, a cup of a delicious beverage.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

our culture

we believe
that business
is about people.

At USEO, we take equal care of our clients and our employees. Efficient cooperation inside and outside the team helps everyone make better choices and develop their skills, regardless of their role in a project.


We are always transparent with our clients and with our teammates. Open communication and honesty build trust and make us a reliable partner for long-term projects.


We continuously grow as specialists by solving problems we have not solved before and learning new tools and technologies.


We love creating projects from scratch, watching how they evolve and grow as they become successful products.

meet our team

we make good things happen.




#ruby #coffee #tech



Senior Frontend developer

#frontend #reactjs #travel



Senior backend developer

#backend #ruby #travel



Senior Frontend developer

#frontend #reactjs #cooking



Ruby developer

#backend #ruby #bicycle



Senior Front End Developer

#frontend #games #video production



Senior backend developer

#backend #ruby #bicycle

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We all work together in an office in the heart of Wrocław.

We're proudly located in the beautiful and historic city of Wrocław.

Each of our team members has a comfy workstation equipped with newest tech...

Our office is top-notch, inside and out.

We're more than teammates; we're good friends.

...but we occasionally work remotely, too.

Feel free to jump in for a coffee if you are around.

“motivated, concentrated and productive”

As Product Owner I have been working with USEO for 3 years. The team at USEO is always highly motivated, concentrated and productive. What I appreciate most: the team does not simply implement according to our specifications, but works actively and critically on our product.

Marco Giaquinto

Marco Giaquinto

Product Owner at Yousty AG

Working with us for 3 years