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let's cooperate.

Your goals are our goals. We can help you on every stage of your product development by extending your team, building something from scratch, or just tech consultations. We share the passion for what you do and make things we all can be proud of.

What can we do for you today?

what we're really good at

we offer professional product consultations and a full-stack development team.

build a product

You have an idea but need some advice and technical support? Let's discuss your concept together and see what we need to make it possible. With our skills and know-how, we can develop and launch your web application just like you imagined it.

build a team

We can build a team for you or extend the team that you already have. We join forces with you to speed up your product development or help keep you on the track before your company grows.

scale, maintain, expand

You already have your project up and running, but you want to make it better. If you want to add more features, optimize, or scale it, we're the right people. Thanks to the agile approach, our development process is lean and flexible.

support and consultation

You can discuss with us whatever technical issues or questions you have. We will do our best to give you the best advice and share our knowledge, and know-how gathered over the last 10 years.

let's make a difference.

we take care of your project and of your peace of mind.

You focus on managing your business while we manage your development process and team.

hassle-free administration

We take care of all the paperwork, agreements, taxes, etc. You only receive one invoice from us at the end of the month.

onboarding and team management

You don't need to worry about the recruitment processes and getting new people on board. We evaluate the candidates' skills (both hard and soft), motivate and integrate the team and take care of a good atmosphere and top-quality work environment.

office and hardware

We provide the office, hardware, and all the necessary tools for maximum effectiveness.

the first step

tell us what you need.

you need a consultation?

If you're not quite sure which route to take with your product or service, you're in the right place. We speak both human and tech, so feel free to reach out to us with questions at any level of expertise.

you have a product idea you want to pursue?

planningdevelopmentagile approach

When you start out with your product or service, you need real users' feedback as soon as possible. Let's create a product that you can quickly launch and gather valuable data for further development.

you need experienced developers?

Ruby on RailsJavaScriptReactNext.js

You can hire our specialists to join forces with your team or form a long-term, dedicated team for you. We take care of the head-hunting, payroll and logistics so you can fully focus on your business.

how we do this

a structured process which puts you at ease.


First, we need to get to know you and your goals. At this stage, we talk about your needs, learn about the idea behind your project and your plans related to it. We also start discussing the budget and the deadline (if any).


We plan the work. At this stage, we determine who we need in the team, how many developers we need to start and if we need a project manager. We also do research and evaluate the additional costs and services we need to run the product.


We bring your idea to life. We work in iterations using the agile approach, which means that we regularly update you on the progress. Moreover, you can influence the work along the way.


It's showtime! When your project is ready, we launch it and provide you with the necessary training and information. You can continue working with us and take your product to the next level.

“always professional”

We’ve been working with USEO for over 8 years in an ongoing setup. The work includes all kinds of tasks and projects from completely new websites, frontend and backend projects to daily tasks. The cooperation is always professional, straight forward and fun.

Christian Hagmann

Christian Hagmann

COO & Digital Strategist at Yousty AG

Working with us for 8 years

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